Mahoor Music Academy

Mahoor Muisc Academy was founded in 2000. From the very beginning, we based our work on the selection of experienced, highly educated and professional teachers within a suitable training environment and with up-to-date equipment.

Fields of Activity

Teaching a  wide range of Iranian traditional instruments, including:

Taar, Setaar, Santoor, Tanboor, Ney, Tonbak, …

Teaching classical instruments such as:

Violin, Piano, Guitar, …

Some other activities of Mahoor institute are within the following fields:

  • Music instruction for kids from the age of 3; The Orff Approach,
  • Holding student performances and professional concerts,
  • Holding master classes for various instruments
  • Teaching students for participating in national exams (Instrument advice, Solfege, Harmony, Reading rhythms and Test practicing)

Contact us

Address: Mahoor Music Institute, Nokhbegan and Amirkabir Blvds’ corner, Pounak, Qazvin, Iran

Phone  No: +98-28-33698000

Email Address: